Illustration and Layout for Exponential Roadmap

On January 20th, 2020, “The 1.5°C Business Playbook” was published in Davos. The book is a spin-off project from Exponential Roadmap, founded by Johan Falk from Stockholm Resilience Centre/Future Earth. Azote participated in making illustrations for the book and layouting the product. 

Exponential Roadmap is an initiative founded in order to help and guide companies and organizations towards climate-driven strategies and sustainable actions, helping them to align with the ambition to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The tools are adjusted to be adapted by both large size and smaller businesses. 

The book is based on the latest science and shows quick and accessible tools in order to make a significant impact. It is a concrete tool that encourages businesses to cut their emissions by half at least every 10 years and thus, helping the business world to shift its focus towards carbon-free solutions. All available tools are accessible and out on the market now, ready to be implemented. 

Several partners contributed to this project, including SCANIA, WWF, IKEA, MAX etc. A very exciting project that we at Azote hope to continue working on in the near feature!