Illustrations, Imagery and Animations for The Food Planet Prize

This spring, Azote was introduced to The Food Planet Prize, an initiative working hard to identify, amplify, encourage and reward innovative ideas that may change our food supply chain from the ground up. The projects could contribute to a sustainable food supply chain and change future systems while avoiding pushing our planet’s resources beyond its limitations. 

The Food Planet Prize is founded and financed by Curt Bergfors, a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental initiatives. 

The prize is divided into two different awards and themes: Amplify & Accelerate rewards initiatives aiming for scalable solutions while Rethink & Reshape rewards innovative projects that could make a significant change to our future food supply chain. All awards focus on initiatives and solutions with global reach. 

Azote contributes to the project with illustrations and animations to communicate key messages. We also provide consultation in selecting imagery for their articles and look forward to forming a trusted and long-term partnership with the Food Planet Prize.